Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reading Response #1

In his text, author Matt Pearson begins by carefully explaining generative art and how it compares to other, more familiar art forms. I particularly like how Pearson described generative art by what it wasn’t rather than what it is. This way seems to emphasize the many number of things that generative art is/will be rather than limit it with a definition.

Another interesting aspect of the chapter was the generative art is not a new concept. Rather, it is has been a part of art for centuries, right alongside more popular works of art produced by brushes and paint. The advent of the computer has simply served to extend the algorithms used for generative art as well as for convenience.

Lastly, I found interesting Pearson’s assertion that tools should not only open possibilities but also empower those who use them. He likens this to a child using a paintbrush or pencil instead of a program such as Adobe Illustrator. Although the computer program may be more powerful, the brush and pencil are better tools because they do not hinder the creativity of the child. 

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