Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading Response #3 - Hackers and Painters

Paul Graham's essay encourages the reader to look at "hacking" (which refers to coding) with a different perspective. Rather than see coding as another scientific field with guidelines, rules, and a general lack of appreciation, it should be viewed as an art form. Graham makes the case that, like painters, hackers perfect their work in time as they see what works and obsess over the details that make their work "beautiful."

I completely agree. Although at first I did see coding as just a way to get a computer to follow directions, some programming experience and this computational art course have helped me to indeed see it as art. As Graham explains, it has all traits of artwork from learning techniques to emphasizing with the audience (people) to the gradual refining process used when creating work.

Overall, I took from Graham that hacking is a field that should be enjoyed and to be creative in. And though coding may at times seem difficult, it is a process we perfect in time - just like artists.

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