Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reading Response #2

Before this class but especially before I had any computer science experience, creating a particle system would be unthinkable. The article mentions some of the many qualities that water has and it would have seemed impossible to render all of these qualities on a computer – even a very powerful one. Yet after today, I am able to see that we can (relatively) easily manipulate a large number of particles so that they move cohesively and in ways found in nature. It would also be interesting to see how the above qualities were researched and how mathematics algorithms, and computations were applied to them.

Additionally, the article mentions that  “3D objects are only visually representational of a real object” instead of being constructed at the atomic level to exactly replicate the original object. It goes on to say that this is because doing so is beyond the capabilities of computers today. This caused me to then wonder how visual effects would look if computers had this capability in the future. Would things look that much more real, or would our eyes not detect a difference? Although this is dependent on many factors to include screen size and quality, I feel that visual effects still have a lot of room to improve and to appear more life-like.

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